South Llano River State Park

South Llano River State Park

South Llano River State Park

We’ve made it to Texas! Crossing that New Mexico, Texas border was super exciting for us. Clayton and I have never traveled this far together so we were really happy to be in the lone star state. Our first stop was a little town called Junction, TX. We immediately fell in love with the town and it reminded us a lot of home.  The park we had mapped out to stay at was South Llano River State Park so we headed that way. It only took us about 15 minuets out of Junction to get to the park. Once we got there we thought we had died and gone to Heaven. The country was so beautiful and so green.

 We made some great friendships, and some even greater memories staying at South Llano. We hope that you will find some helpful resources if you are planning a trip to Texas or just some inspiration for any up and coming adventures you might go on.

South Llano River State Park

As we drove into the park the forestry was so breath-taking. In Arizona we don’t get to see trees or grass like this so it was such a beautiful site for us to see.

South Llano River State Park Headquarters

The park headquarters is a little drive from the entrance gate of the park. One thing we learned was that the Texas state parks have great online resources. You can see park amenities, make reservations, and find news related to the parks all via their website here.

Did you know in Texas if you are planning to fish from a state park you do not need a state fishing license! You do have to follow all the state regulations in regards to fishing but you can read more about that here, fishing info.

South Llano River State Park Campsite

Our campsite was absolutely perfect! We had our own covered picnic table, BBQ pit, water and electric hookups. When we first arrived at the park they let you drive around and pick you spot. Then you go tell the camp host which site, or sites, you like and they check to make sure they don’t have them reserved. We didn’t make reservations, super handy reservation link, so we got lucky with finding an open spot. The park itself is a very popular bird watching destination so it was rather full even during the week. Every one at the park was really nice. We made some really great connections with a couple of our neighbors. E-mails were exchanged and we are hoping to meet up with some of our new friends in Alaska this summer!

South Llano River State Park

One of our favorite things about the park was how many trails and roads they have. We were able to take our Suzuki out with ease and not worry about getting in a tight spot.

Buck Lake

While at the park we were able to fish at South Llano river and Buck lake. From both you will be able to find largemouth bass, Guadalupe bass, channel catfish, and yellow catfish. Unfortunately we did not catch any fish this time around. Clayton and I are not having the best run of fishing luck. We did however see a snake swimming towards our bank in the river so that may have put a damper on our fishing.

Buck Lake

Buck Lake

Buck lake was a really pretty spot. We saw a lot of turtles in the water and this time no snakes so it was a win win. If you are fishing in Buck Lake all bass species are catch and release. They have a sign posted but if you aren’t looking for it you could easily miss it.

Buck Lake

Rascal really enjoyed our time in the park. He got lots of attention and got to wear his favorite sweater!


The following day we went into Junction to explore the town and try out a BBQ place some of our neighbors recommended to us. Junction has a really awesome bridge that crosses over south Llano to a couple other RV parks in the town.

Junction, TX Bridge

We drove past this really cute little shop called Paddler’s Porch Bar and Grill. You can grab a quick bite to eat and they offer tube rental for the river. It seemed like a really chill little spot.

Paddler's Porch Patio Bar and Grill

The buildings in Junction, TX has so much character. We loved this Presbyterian church! The red brick building with the blue stained glass windows was a beautiful combination.

Junction, TX Presbyterian Church

As we walked around town we found ourselves at the courthouse. It was framed by all these big trees and a super well-kept green lawn.

Junction, TX Courthouse

Lunch time is always a favorite of ours and we were so excited to try out Lum’s. Our neighbors weren’t wrong to send us here. It was some of the best BBQ that Clayton and I have had yet! You can go see there Facebook page here, link.

Lum's BBQ Junction, TX

Lum's BBQ Junction, TX

We decided on a two meat plate and it was more than enough food for the both of us. The smoked turkey was our favorite. It was super tender and not the least bit dry! They also had fantastic potato salad.

Lum's BBQ Junction, TX

Lum's BBQ Junction, TX

South Llano River State Park sunset

As with everything in life our time here came to an end and we were super sad to leave but excited for what we would find next. Texas has so much to offer and so many great places to explore we are really looking forward to our time in the state.

We really love finding new places and one of our most prized resources on the road is our Allstays account! Traveling from state to state can be hard to navigate and know which areas are the most RV friendly or where to find propane. With the help from Allstays we are able to easily find places to camp, like South Llano, or fill up. If you are looking for a great travel app go to our affiliate link and sign up. Once you have your account you will be able to access a full data base of helpful travel resources. One of our favorite features is the ability to operate offline. We had little to no reception in South Llano, but we were still able to access our Allstays account and find information about the local amenities.

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Thanks for coming and as always,

Happy Travels!



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  1. We were one of the lucky people who had the opportunity to meet you at S Llano River SP. We were especially lucky to have Clayton strum his rendition of Happy Birthday for Gerry’s 72nd Birthday. Thanks Clayton. We certainly hope that we’ll be able to meet up again in Alaska.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Safe Travels.

    1. We were so happy to have been able to meet you all! Clayton was so happy to be able to do that for Gerry! Yes, we hope to be able to meet you there. Thank you for coming to our blog and supporting us, we really appreciate it.

    1. Thank you! We love Texas! I didn’t think we would like it as much but it’s great. So many things to do and great food. I’ve got a couple more posts coming on a few of the other places we stayed at while in Texas you might like them.

    1. We are really loving here as well! The name of the BBQ place is Lum’s. It’s seriously the best BBQ we’ve had so far her in Texas. Right now we’ve been more in the coastal areas so we are loving the seafood.

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