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When we first hit the road, we had big plans, high expectations, and gave up so many household comforts to live the RV life. In the process of “de-cluttering” there were things we kick ourselves for leaving and wanted to save others from making the same mistakes. So in this post, we wanted to share our opinion of products every full time RVr needs.


This post contains affiliate links in which we make a commission off the sale of any item purchased through said links. This in no way effects the cost of items that may be purchased. We make our money for our travels via these affiliate links and any support is greatly appreciated!


Whether you are “handy” or not, there are just some tools every RVr should have in their toolbox. There will be screws and bolts that need tightened, batteries replaced, possible wires and fuses that need tested. Sometimes it’s just a pin in your hitch that needs a little tap to get it out. Point being, if you have some issues while of the road, you want to be prepared to fix it. Plus by you fixing the issues yourself, you’ll save money rather than a spendy specialty shop visit.

For these reasons we first recommend a multimeter. We have used ours 3 times in the last 2 weeks to help pin point both slightly major and minor electrical issues. These have been within our RV, the Suzuki’s charging system, and making sure the wiring on the trailer lights were in full function. It’s just one of those tools you won’t want to be without. We had first hand experience not having one of these with us and as soon as we needed it we regretted not bringing one. So it was one of our first product investments. It makes diagnosing and fixing electrical problems much faster when you have one!

Second, is a tool set with a nice variety of different screwdriver heads, sockets, ratchets, wrenches, pliers etc. Every time we drive the RV, we have to “earthquake-proof it” which is exactly as it sounds!  Every bump, sharp turn, and hard stop can rattle pantry doors open, loosen a handle or a hinge on a cabinet, or loosen bolts to the T.V. bracket so its important to have the tools to tighten things up the way they need to be before they become larger problems.

Third on our list is a good set of flashlights! They don’t have to be super high-end, just ones that will be reliable when you need them. And need them, you will!! Below are some products we feel fit these needs with great bang for your buck!


Memberships can truly either be a great way to save, or a waste of money depending on how often you plan to use them. As for my family, Passport America has truly saved us hundreds within the first month. 44 bucks a year with 50% off nightly fees to nearly 1900 parks nationwide is pretty hard to beat! Another membership you should really consider joining, is The Elks Lodge! Time after time we find awesome spots at Elks Lodges with the allstays app taunting us with full hook ups for fraction of what other campsites cost. We kick ourselves all the time for not joining back home! So please, learn for our mistake on this one, and take note, it takes close to a month to join so make sure you get on that prior to leaving! Other memberships include: KOA,  Good SamThousand TrailsHarvest Hosts, and many more. Click the links to learn which may or may not be right for you!


2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara

“A Toad?! Why in the world would I want a toad in my RV?” you might be asking. Well the toad I’m referring to, is a towed behind car, or in other words, a “toad” for short. In our beginning trips, we thought we’d just bicycle everywhere and a pull behind wasn’t in our future. Three days of the hilly terrain of Lake Havasu City made us realize how important it was for us to find a toad. Our toad of choice is a 2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara 4×4. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have her! She allows us to explore surrounding towns, to off the beaten paths, and tight alleyways the RV physically could not do. Plus we can park outside of bigger cities for better prices per night, and those late night cruises, and afternoon grocery runs are made possible by having our toad!

If you are considering a tow behind, which you should be its truly a life saver. You’ll need to decide if you’re going to flat tow, dolly tow, or trailer tow. Personally speaking, I have tried all 3 at some point in my life and I will stand behind flat towing being the easiest way. The ability to just hook/unhook the Suzuki and get on the road is really nice. Things you’ll need are: Brake/turn/running lights, a tow bar, a base plate for the towbar, brakeaway device, tail light cable, and in most cases a supplemental brake system. These are the products we used as seen below in our featured amazon links below.

The nice thing is, the NSA Ready Brute Elite has a supplemental brake kit built-in to the hitch that’s mechanical driven and pulls the brake pedal by a cable in conduit . Which is awesome value compared to a few supplemental brake kits that are electronic, and cost as much as the whole tow bar all in itself!


On our travels we are constantly taking pictures on our phones. While our phones normally do the trick just fine, it is nice to have our digital camera as well. This enables us to capture macro shots, wider scenes, or gorgeous mountains in the distance. We have a Sony A6000 and love it! The reason is because you can fit lenses from nearly any manufacture and mount it on this camera with a $15 adapter . Most of our photos were either taken with an old Cannon lens, a older Minolta lens or the 50mm Sony lens the camera came with. We love the quality of pictures, and the small size making it perfect for RV life.

Another product we use all the time, is our laptop! Not only for our blog, our Etsy Shop, Netflix, or emails. Another nice features is our laptop has a graphics card! We can use it for gaming which is handy when the weather is poor and we are holed up inside all day. Another product we feel goes hand in hand with the laptop while on the road, is a power inverter! Sometimes you might boondock and won’t be plugged into the grid, thus making charging your laptop not possible unless you fire up the generator. With a power inverter you can charge your laptop while driving via the cigarette lighter. So in conclusion, if you are in the market for a great laptop and power inverter, check out the amazon featured products below!

Last but not least, here are some final products that deserve some honorable mentions in the amazon featured products below:

As always we truly appreciate our readers and subscribers for supporting us and helping make this trip possible. We hope that you have found this post useful and informative. Please leave us a comment in the comment section below if you have any suggestions of some items maybe we have missed or have yet found a need for!

As always,

Happy Travels!

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