Parker, CA and Lake Havasu State Park

We’ve been busy you guys to say the least. Our time here in Arizona is coming to an end and before we know it we will be on the road for our gap year! Honestly things have been going super smoothly and we’ve been so happy with how easy it’s been to planning our trip. Shortly after we purchased our RV things really seemed to be falling into place. We put our house on the market and we started to sell the stuff we couldn’t take with us in the RV, as much as an elliptical would have been handy we just couldn’t fit it. As we were sitting in the RV showing it off to a family memeber my phone rang and on the other end was a very chipper lady who told me that when we purchased our RV we got a free stay at their lovely RV resort. *curiosity peaks* So this isn’t my first rodeo and I know that free isn’t really free. When I was about 12 my parents got a “free” stay at a great hotel in Sedona Arizona, but they had to endure a, what felt like, 3 hour sales pitch. I knew when she said free that it wouldn’t really be “free” but how bad could enduring a little park tour be for the “free” weekend in Cali? So I signed us up and we planned the trip. This trip was actually perfect timing because Clayton and I had just been talking about taking the RV on a little longer journey. What we hadn’t planned was that our house would sell and our closing date would be 7 days after we would get home. After a short deliberation we decided that we would still go on the trip and just pack our butts off when we got home.

There is something you all should know about Clayton and I now. We will be late to our own funerals. Like literally we cannot go anywhere without being late. It’s really bad and we try our best to kick this habit but if it’s not by our own hand outside forces step in and were always late. With that being said you can imagine this scenario I am about to tell you about.

It’s travel day! We get everything loaded up and leave with plenty of time to miss rush hour traffic. Now we only had a few errands to run, Costco, Craigslist buy, and gas. No biggie we will be done and officially on the road in no time. I’m not even joking when I say this, we went to Costco and it was the busiest I have ever seen it! So I run in while Clayton tries to navigate our RV through the maze of snowbirds at Costco. I get our stuff and we are off to meet up for our Craigslist deal. After getting ahold of the person we find out that he went to a different gas station. Im telling you if we leave on time the universe is like “nah you need to be late”. So we get the gas station situation figured out, we have our bike rack in hand, and we have a full tank of gas. Good to go, except now it’s rush hour. I swear always late.

As new RV owners we are still getting used to “driving the bus” as Clayton likes to say. So driving in rush hour traffic was not something that we were mentally prepared for yet but there we found ourselves in the thick of it. Sink or swim right? So onward we go and Clayton navigated rush hour like a champ!

We finally arrive at our destination, at 9 p.m., it’s raining and we are tired. The site host guides us to our spot and we get pulled in and set up. Thankful to be here finally and settled in for the festivities of the coming day.

Our lovely sardine camp spot.

The next morning we woke and further inspected our campsite. It was really nice in the fact that we had full hook-ups but we literally had no room. It was like a can of sardines. Which isn’t really either of our cup of tea. We really enjoy meeting new people but not being parked right on top of our neighbors. It was time for our “tour” of the resort so we worked our way up to the office. The tour was really just an hour of their sales associate trying to get us to buy into “mortuary acres” as Clayton so fondly named it. We listened to the pitch took our free tablet and gas reimbursement that was part of the “free” stay and politely declined the offer. As to which the salesman asked us when we would be leaving lol. We knew our stay here was over so we went back to the RV to spend the rest of the rainy day planning where we would go tomorrow and exploring.

Rainy day naps are the best.
The Colorado river was so pretty and the river houses were really cute.
The ducks on the river were super friendly.

The next morning we woke up bright and early to head out to Lake Havasu State Park. We wanted to get to the park as early as possible so the day wouldn’t be wasted. The drive out was so beautiful. Since we got to the RV park so late the night before we weren’t able to see really any of the scenery coming in except a few “caution watch for wild burro” signs. Apparently Parker, Az is known for the wild donkeys that roam around the hills. Unfortunately we did not get to see any of the infamous donkeys roaming around while we were there.

Hill where said donkeys are mean’t to roam.
Our first park was actually on the Cali side of the Colorado river.

Driving next to the Colorado river was an amazing experience. I still can’t believe I hadn’t seen it sooner! So far I think the things I enjoy the most on our travels have been the beautiful mountains we’ve seen. Clouds and mountains make me a very happy person!

Lake Havasu State Park was so beautiful the moment we pulled up. The view of the lake was gorgeous and the park rangers where so incredibly nice and welcoming. We were greeted by a parking lot full of seagulls. Naturally we let rascal go investigate these curious creatures with dad (Clayton) all while on his leash. Rascal was more excited to be out of the RV and exploring this new place he didn’t even notice the birds until they flew away. After we stretched our legs for a minute we went and parked the RV. ¬†We legit had the prettiest camp spot to date! It was so close to the lake and the beach it was perfect. The park itself was even immaculately kept. You could tell they prided themselves on keeping a very clean park. The bathrooms and showers were my (Cori) favorite part! It was so nice to be able to go take a nice hot shower after a long day of fishing and biking. If you are ever in Lake Havasu city we highly recommend staying at the State park. Overflow camping is only $25 a night and trust us it’s totally worth it for the experience. They do also have full hookup camp spots for I believe $35 a night. If you do end up staying in the overflow they offer a dump station and water station for you to use if you are in need. Over all it was a lovely experience and we definitely see ourselves going back.

Our bikes got put to great use. Definitely worth the investment. Lake Havasu has some great biking.
London bridge in Lake Havasu city
Cactus garden at Lake Havasu State Park

Cairn we found on our way home

On our way home we made sure to take lots of stretch breaks and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

His little face says it all! He loves going for rides.

Over all we had a great trip and are so excited to be heading out on the road for our big adventure. I’m super lame and let life get ahead of my posting so I am currently finishing this post up on the road. We have officially set off for our gap year and we will be a lot more present on the blog here and social media. Keep you eyes peeled for a new post about our first couple of days on the road soon!

Happy Traveling!

The Cathemers

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