A summer vacation must : Corpus Christi, Texas

North Beach Corpus Christi, TX

.Port Aransas Beach

Corpus Christi, TX is a great place for the whole family, fur babies as well! I don’t think Clayton or myself every really thought of Texas as being a great place to go for the beach. Our opinion had changed since visiting and we would definitely recommend adding Texas, Corpus Christi especially, to your list of summer destinations!

We really enjoyed our time there and it was especially nice to make it to the coast. It’s been almost four years since Clayton and I had been to the beach so we were really stoked to be here. We spent our honeymoon in Hawaii, which is gorgeous, and that was the last time we were at the ocean.

Port Aransas Beach

Port Aransas Beach

The beach was obviously the first thing on the agenda. We got to Corpus Christi late in the day so we quickly got the RV settled. Once we were all set up we got in the Suzuki to go to Mustang Island. The fastest way to get to the island from where we were staying was by taking the ferry. The only established town on the island is called Port Aransas, the locals call it Port A for short. The ferry ride was pretty awesome, neither one of us had ever been on a ferry so it was neat. We even saw dolphins!

Once we got to the island we navigated our way to the beach. We were pleasantly surprised that we could drive our Suzuki on the beach! All the beaches we’ve ever been too this has been a no no so for us it was great to just roll the windows down and cruise by the ocean.Port Aransas Beach

Port Aransas Beach After we did a little more beach driving we decided we would go into town to grab some food. We got on the “holy google” to see what the local restaurants had to offer. We decided on a little Island food place called Irie’s. They offered po’boy sandwiches, seafood plates, tacos and other fresh seafood options. 

Irie's Island Food Port Aransas

When we pulled up to Irie’s it was packed so right off the bat that was a good sign to us. Right away we noticed that they homemade their own tortillas, burger buns, and even roasted their own coffee beans! We also learned that they are family owned and operated. If there is one thing Clayton and I love to do is support small businesses. We always try to shop local and give back to the community that we are currently in. So we immediately knew we made a good choice with coming to Irie’s.

Irie's Island Food Port Aransas

After finally deciding what we wanted, it really was hard to choose everything sounded great, we placed our order and went outside to wait for our food. The atmosphere at Irie’s is very laid back and has almost a homey feeling to it. We saw a lot of families eating there laughing and having a great time. It’s really close to the beach so you could tell people had either just come from there, like us, or were on their way to the beach.

Irie's Island Food Port Aransas

Clayton and I were so pleasantly surprised at the size of our meals. We both got po’boys, mine was fried oyster, and Clayton got the fried Mahi Mahi. Both were extremely delicious and you could tell the seafood was really fresh and that the bread was homemade. Google didn’t let us down with this one at all. If you are ever in the Port A area please stop by and support Irie’s and let them know we loved the food!

Oyster Po'Boy

After lunch we were so full that we decided it was time to head back to the RV for a little siesta! So we got in Uki, what we know call our Suzuki, and drove to the ferry.

Port Aransas

When we got off the ferry we drove into Aransas pass, which is the little town where we had the RV parked. One of our most favorite things to do is drive around all these little towns and scope out what they have. We came across a farm stand that had all kinds of produce and local honey. Of course we had to stop and see what it was all about. The produce shelves were packed with all kinds of wonderful looking veggies and fruits. We picked up a few items and carried on our merry way.

Aransas Pass Produce Stand

Our camp hosts let us know that Corpus Christi had a pretty decent night life, and while Clayton and I are really just a couple of old souls in 20 something bodies we decided to head to town to people watch. Plus we needed to scope out what we wanted to do the next day. As we came into town the main bridge was all lit up with these really awesome color changing lights. We drove down to the water line and watch them for a good little while before heading further into town.

Corpus Christi Bridge

Once we got a little more into town we didn’t see much night life, probably due to the fact that it was in the middle of the week. Honestly we didn’t mind in the least bit. Less traffic, easier to get pictures of landmarks, and being the crazy out-of-state driver who has no idea where they are going didn’t cause as much road rage for fellow drivers.

Corpus Christi, TX

The next day we wanted to spend some time at North Beach to see what it was all about. All of the beaches we saw while we were in town were super clean and really well maintained. Another great perk to Corpus Christi was that all the beaches are very pet friendly. They either let you have your dog leashed on the whole beach or have certain parts that are doggie designated.

North Beach Corpus Christi, TX

North Beach

North Beach also has a really great view of the U.S.S Lexington. For some really good info on the ship visit, U.S.S Lexington’s website. The ship has a really good story and a lot of WWII history. We didn’t get a chance to go on a tour but we really loved seeing it from our time at North Beach.

U.S.S Lexington

Walking along the beach we couldn’t help but notice all these jellyfish washed up on the shore line. They were literally everywhere and you could even see them in the waves. Later at dinner we asked our friends and found our it was jelly “season” and this happens every year around that time. It was kinda cool to see them up close and personal, but not too personal! We actually saw a little girl pick one up! It didn’t sting her luckily but they can still sting you if you pick them up wrong even though they are dead. We found this article on Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s website to be helpful in regard to the jellies we saw on the shore.

North Beach Corpus Christi, TX

Rascal was not a very big fan of the ocean but he did enjoy the warm soft sand. Dachshunds by nature are diggers and Rascal LOVES to dig! So naturally he loved the beach and dug himself a nice warm burrow to soak up some sun.

North Beach Corpus Christi, TX

North Beach Corpus Christi, TX

North Beach Corpus Christi, TX

Being the loving dog parents that we are we had to see if Rascal would let us partially bury him in the sand. To our surprise He let us!! He’s such a good little adventure dog and He really puts up with mom and dad’s shenanigans like a champ. 

North Beach Corpus Christi, TX

We met up with our friends to grab some dinner and talk about our shark fishing trip the next day. Clayton had been looking forward to going shark fishing for weeks so naturally he was so stoked.

The following day was our last day in Corpus Christi and we really wanted to get some fishing in before going to the Pier that night to shark fish. So we loaded up Rascal and our fishing poles and headed to Mustang Island State Park. Our hopes were high to be able to finally catch some fish, or even just one fish!

We made our way down to the surf and found a good spot to park. The beach had a lot of seaweed on it but it was really nice sand and the water felt great!

Mustang Island State Park

After getting our poles set up we waded into the water a little ways and cast our lines out. I kid you not, 30 seconds in and Clayton hooked this really nice whiting! We were so happy to have finally broken our no fish fishing streak! 

Mustang Island State Park

We spent a couple more hours fishing at Mustang Island, with no luck on anymore fish. So we packed up and took our catch to the Pier to meet up with our friends for our shark fishing adventure.

The pier was huge and the sunset was so pretty from it. 

Horace Caldwell Pier

It took us about an hour to get everything rigged up for the poles.  The main pole we were running was huge and the bait was too!  Definitely capable of reeling in a nice size fish. If you’ve never been big game fishing it’s a total different type of fishing then just river or surf fishing. We were so lucky to be able to have friends who helped us out and had all the necessary equipment for the task. 

Horace Caldwell Pier


Fishing Line

Once the line was set and ready to go our friend had to yak the bait out into the water about 300 yards! The waves were about 5 ft swells and the winds were really high that day. It was really impressive at his ability to get our bait yaked out. Keep in mind that these are shark infested waters and at any given moment when you drop that bait in the water a shark could hit it and your out there in a tiny kayak trying to get to shore as fast as possible. So to say our friend had some pretty amazing courage doesn’t even come close to describing it.

Horace Caldwell Pier

Unfortunately for us we didn’t catch any sharks this time around! I can tell you that we won’t be giving up! One thing we aren’t are quitters. Bad luck has to end eventually right? Needless to say it was still an awesome experience and we will never forget the opportunity given to us! The hospitality shown to us every time we see friends, new or old, always amazes us! It’s something we cherish and are always appreciative of.

Horace Caldwell Pier

This trip is helping us grow so much and do things that we never dreamed we would do. Sometimes in life we get so used to our routines that we forget what life is really about. It’s not paychecks and nice things, it’s spending time with your significant other and loved ones and making memories. Life is short, and we only get one shot at it. So we’ve got to make the most of our time while we are here.

Don’t let your dreams of today slip into the cracks and be forgotten. Always go after your dreams no matter how scary they are. We love our life on the road and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  So please if you have a dream chase after it full speed! If you liked this post make sure to follow us. We also love reading your comments and answering questions so don’t be shy to drop us a comment below!

As always,

Happy travels!

North Beach Corpus Christi, TX


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  1. Hi. Never been to Corpus Christi. It looks quite charming from your post. The po’boy even looked delish and the beaches sound (and look) lovely.

    Adding to my list.

    PS. Rascal is too cute 🙂

    1. The city has a lot of charm and it’s a great place to visit. We really enjoyed the po’boy’s and all of Port Aransas. The beaches are really well kept and the sand is so pretty. We hope you get to go soon and enjoy it!! Thank you, He’s the best little travel companion!

  2. I have never been to Corpus Christi, but your photos of the water and beach make me want to check it out. I am not a fan of fishing though.. is there another activity you could recommend?

    1. It really is a lovely place with lots to see and do. The beaches are fantastic and the water is really nice to swim in. As long as you are watchful of the jellyfish if it’s jelly season. Port Aransas has a lot of great things that you can do. They offer scooter rentals and I believe kayak rentals as well. Lots of shops to explore and good places to eat!

    1. It really is a great lifestyle that is totally obtainable. We hope you are able to join us in the road life someday!

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