Colossal weekend 

We finally set off on our maiden voyage to Colossal Cave Mountain Park! 

Taking full advantage of our long MLK weekend we took off for our first trip in our, new to us, RV! Yes, I am writing this extremely late but more details on that will be for another post. Any who! Let me tell you what, the excitement and anxiety that comes with taking off for your first long trip in a 32′ motohome is real. We started off and everything was going smoothly. Once we got on the freeway we hit a little traffic and rain and I was sure Clayton was growing gray hairs. He handled it like a champ though and we made it through the traffic. The scariest part is not knowing what other drivers are going to do. Here we are in this big boat with wheels and cars are darting around you, cutting in front of you, and it’s not like we can stop on a dime. I’m sure with time our nerves will settle and we will get used to traveling in the motohome but it sure was stressful! 

We finally arrived safely at the park around 4:30pm. Travel tip #1 we learned was to arrive earlier than 30 minutes from when the park closes the gates! Arriving that close to the gates closing we felt rushed to find our spot we called an reserved. If you plan on taking a trip to Colossal know that you will find yourself going in on a one way road. If you’re not sure where to park call ahead and ask because there is no easy turning around once you get in. It’ll save you a boat load of confusion trust us! 

Let me just say that we LOVED our camp site! It was maintained really well and was pretty level, which is nice since we didn’t have leveling jacks yet. The campsite also had a BBQ, picnic table, and trash receptacle. The campgrounds are considers primitive so not hook ups but we didn’t mind. It was really gorgeous tucked back in the canyon against the saguaro covered hills so it was totally worth not having the extra amenities. Plus you can’t beat $7 a night! It’s also like a 20 minute drive from saguaro national park so you could easily make a long weekend out of it and see both parts easily. 

Clayton and I are NOT Morning people but we forced ourselves to wake up for the sunrise and it was so worth it! We decided to go for an early morning hike to snag some pictures and see what else the park had to offer.

It had rained so much the day before that we woke up to the washes running and the desert looked so clean and fresh. 

After our hike we headed back to camp to cook some breakfast and get ready for our cave tour. We Once we finished breakfast we pack up camp and headed up to the cave. I had never been to a cave so I was super excited. Clayton had been to a few caves when he was a boy scout so he knew roughly what to expect. 

The cave was amazing! I thought it would be super cold inside but since it was a “dry” cave it was actually warmer inside than it was outside. We really enjoyed the tour and had the raddest tour guide. He was super chill and knowledgeable about caves. We went on the 1 hour normal tour but they also offer “wild” tours where you are able to explore through the cave with a helmet and head light and just wander around with your guide. The “wild” tours are definitely for the more adventurous at heart or those who have been caving before. 

Our only regret the whole time we were at the park was we wished we had more time there! We only had one night there so we didn’t get to explore as much as we would have liked too. The park is so vast and there is so much to see that you really need a good 3-4 days to really enjoy the park. It’s one of my favorite places I’ve been in a very long time and we plan to go back for sure.  

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