Products Every Full Time RVr Needs

Rv Products

When we first hit the road, we had big plans, high expectations, and gave up so many household comforts to live the RV life. In the process of “de-cluttering” there were things we kick ourselves for leaving and wanted to save others from making the same mistakes. So in this post, we wanted to share […]

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Exploring San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, TX River Walk

San Antonio As told By Clayton San Antonio, Texas, home of the beautiful Riverwalk, The Alamo (don’t you forget it!!) , The Tower of the Americas, historic buildings, and a deep heritage of pride. An amazing city that you gotta visit! After a quick fill up at a Costco, we drove in trying to find […]

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Parker, CA and Lake Havasu State Park

We’ve been busy you guys to say the least. Our time here in Arizona is coming to an end and before we know it we will be on the road for our gap year! Honestly things have been going super smoothly and we’ve been so happy with how easy it’s been to planning our trip. […]

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