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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to for the love of rides. We are so happy you’re here!

I wanted to take a little time today and introduce ourselves. We are the Cathemers, Clayton is 24, Cori (That’s me) I’m 25, and Rascal our 9 lb dachshund mix is 3. We’ve been a family since 2013 and have been adventuring ever since. Going for a ride is our favorite activity. I remember when Clayton and I were dating we spent most of our dates just cruising in his pickup truck listening to music. Today not much has changed and we literally live in our car. Everyday we are driving somewhere to go see something or just driving for the love of the ride. Being on the road is so natural for us that going on a gap year just makes perfect sense. We want to take our love for adventure and our love for rides across the United States! Our goal is to leave January 2017 and within that year see 48 out of the 50 states, plus Canada! So that’s the goal now a little more about us.

Home is a small town called Florence, AZ. Clayton has lived here his whole life and I’m an “import” from Tucson, AZ. Back in 2013 we were able to purchase our very first home as a newly married couple. The home we purchased was a foreclosure home and when we bought it we bought it with the goal to renovate it and sell it one day. We originally planned to do most of the renovations ourselves along with the help of Clayton’s dad. The progress on the home was great and now we have come to a point where the house is almost finished, so exciting, but we are no longer able to work on the home our self. Life gets busy and as many people will understand your own projects usually get put to the bottom of the list. So we reached out to some remodel companies and we are waiting to hear back from them.

First off on our gap year checklist #1 finish and sell casa de Cathemer

Moving onto item #2 of our gap year check list: our jobs. So we both work 6 days a week as contracted mail carriers for the USPS. Bottom line we hate our jobs and what our life has turned into. Have you every worked a job you hated but just couldn’t seem to get away from it? Yea, that’s us right now. Don’t get me wrong, we are super thankful to have jobs, and honestly without our current jobs the gap year probably wouldn’t even be possible. We realized about 6 months ago that we really weren’t happy with the direction our life was headed. Working a thankless and thoughtless job will make you down right depressed. Especially if you don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. Instead of giving into the monotonous routine we have been falling into we decided to make some changes. Our lives are ours to control and we are taking charge of ours and making changes for the better. The post office is going to be our avenue to get to our gap year not a dead end sign keeping us from it! So bye felicia!

Gap year checklist #2 leave the post office

Item #3: obtain a means of transportation and living. As I am sitting here writing this post Clayton is reading off ads for pretty much anything and everything that could get us on the road. We are leaning towards a 24 ft class c motorhome. We have a budget set and we know what we want but the search is on to find our perfect home one wheels! As soon as we find our new home we will update you all with the specifics so make sure you subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss out on any updates!

Gap year checklist #3 find our home on wheels

You might be curious by now of how we plan on affording all of this. That brings us to item #4: budgeting our gap year. Clayton and I have been very strict on a budget since the day we got married. We both knew that it was important to have a common goal and to be wise with our finances so that’s what we have done. Our biggest help in the gap year will be selling our home. With the money from our house we will be able to pay off our mortgage, and pay off what few debts we have (i.e. my student loan and the home on wheels). If all goes according to plan the left over monies from selling our home should help us to afford our gap year and have a little money to come home on. We also plan on working while we are on the road selling photography and I will be keeping up with the blog. This will help us be able to cover any unexpected expenses along the way. In addition to the sale of our home and all photography sales we also have a savings account set up that we put money into every month specifically for the gap year. To check out our photos go follow our instgram page. If you see something you like message us for pricing and printing options.

Gap yea checklist #4 budget and save money

That’s the start folks. It’s not much now but we are so excited for what’s to come! Like I said earlier make sure you subscribe to our blog and follow us on instragram to keep up to date with everything that’s happening. I will be posting here on the blog at least once a week and we post pictures daily of what our adventure to #gapyear2017 looks like.

We really appreciate all the love and support we have received so far and we hope to inspire someone to take a leap of faith and do something that makes them happy.


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