A fork in the road

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the absence you will be hearing from us more here on out. A lot has been going on and we’ve defiantly come to a “fork” in our road.

I heard a story awhile back told by Jeffery R. Holland, it went something like this.

A boy and his father are out hunting, they headed out early that morning and didn’t start back home until almost sundown. As they progressed down the road they came to a fork. Two roads to choose ahead of them and neither could remember the path they came in from. They decided to pray about which path they should take. Finally they made a decision and headed out. About a mile or so down the road they came to a dead end. The son asked his father why they would have gone down the wrong road even after they had prayed. The father replied that sometimes Heavenly Father lets us travel down one short path that leads to nowhere to give us the peace of mind that the other path is the right one without having to worry if we picked correctly.

We in a sense had a very similar situation happen to us recently. After much consideration, prayer, and number crunching we decided that we would go on a “gap year”. Shortly after deciding this we had a job opportunity open up to us. Clayton is a naturally talented chef and He had the opportunity to go and cook for a local restaurant. After talking it over we decided to go ahead and take the job opportunity and put our plans for travel on hold. We both agreed that we would just see how this new job opportunity went. Deciding on a timeline of January 1st, 2017 as our time to review and see how things were progressing. All the while still trying to get our home renovations finished up and still working our jobs as mail carriers during the day.

So we took off on this new adventure. Clayton would be the dinner chef, and I would be helping out with advertising as well as being the dinner waitress. The restaurant was small and only seated a max occupancy of 40. It was a perfect little spot to have a good small town dinner spot. We gave it our heart and soul for a little while and then things started to get rocky. The restaurant as a whole was new and they just weren’t ready to bring on a dinner service. We parted ways and decided it was time to go back to the drawing board. Our “gap year” suddenly became an option again and we both started to wonder if maybe our short detour down the wrong fork in the road was really a sign. We are hopeful for what is to come and I hope that you will follow us along on this journey and maybe find the courage to travel your own fork in the road to direct you to your true path.

Ride on

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